An e-commerce site with online payment for services only for this clairvoyant medium who does phone and e-mail consultations only. A members area allows visitors to create an account and book and pay for an appointment online. Manual programming was needed for this site to ensure that the bookings, of different time lengths, don’t overlap, the payment of a booking making this time slot unavailable to others.

The design also included business cards, and the responsive design ensures a good display on all mobile devices.

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Lucianna Medium Spirit Voyance

"I have searched a long time for a designer to develop a professional and fairly sophisticated website, which would include online reservations and payment via Paypal. Either people could only create showcase sites, or they bored me with technical terms I did not understand. Then I began to dialogue with Sensory Perception and it made me feel more at ease right away. No technical terms, they talked in words even someone new to the web would understand, but with a background of knowledge that feels very solid. The development period went very well, despite my modifying my requests several times along the way. Each time Sensory Perception adapted to my requests with exceptional responsiveness. The ingenuity of the programmer seems to have no limit... I am extremely pleased with the work done, which goes way beyond what I could have imagined."

- Bernard Montier, Lucianna Medium Spirit Voyance

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