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We have worked with businesses offering holiday accomodations and rentals ever since we started in the business, and are fully aware of the value of a website for this type of business, and of the professionalism needed. As a holiday is an exciting time, clients will want to deal with professional businesses, and the websites need to reflect that professionalism as well as a relaxing feeling at a glance.
The trademark of our success is establishing a clear communication with you, our client, and creating a reassuring comfort zone where your vision for your website is understood and accepted. Many clients prefer to deal with a designer familiar with holiday accomodation rentals related businesses, and who will be able to build their website with this in mind.

Despite distances, the World Wide Web gives us many avenues we can use to exchange ideas and develop the website you envision.
We use our good eye for design, an open path of communication and the right amount of planning time to make your expectations for your website become a reality.


Château de Savigny - Castle to rent, France

Château de Savigny - Vouneuil-sur-Vienne, 86

We created a website with a French visual feel to present this beautiful castle located in rural France, with a photo gallery to showcase the interior and exterior. The website is bilingual, with the aim to attract visitors from outside France who wish to rent a French castle for a special occasion. A CMS allows or client to update the site and add photos herself.
Our client having slightly changed the design, we are showing you here the original design, which was more artistic.

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Rainier du Chais - Luxury villa to rent, France

Rainier du Chais - Luxury villa - St-Emilion, 33

The owners of this luxury villa required a website that would showcase the villa at its best, with a design mixing the rural feel of this traditional wine region with the rustic exterior and the modern interior of the villa and pool. In addition to travelling to the property to take photos, we proposed to do a drone video of the outside of the villa and the magnificent surroundings.
Also included was a dedicated mobile version of the website.

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Swift Poitou-Charentes - Directory for Holiday Rental Accomodation, Poitou-Charentes, France

Swift Poitou-Charentes

An intricate website with a bespoke design and a lot of functionalities for this directory for rental of holiday accomodations in the Poitou-Charentes region of France. Properties are under categories depending on the type of property and the location, and a multi facets search option allows the visitors to narrow the results in their searches. A client area allows the owners to list their property, choose the pack they wish to purchase, update their listing, put it on promotion, and update their availability calendar. Online payment is available and allows the owner to finish the process. A newsletter sign-up is also available on the site, as well as Tripadvisor reviews.

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Ô Délices de la Monnerie - Gites to rent, Dordogne, France

Ô Délices de la Monnerie

A redesign of an older website allows our client to showcase the lovely properties and relaxation center they offer to their clients, in the beautiful region of Dordogne, France. A Drupal CMS allows our clients to update the site themselves, create new pages for accomodations, update prices, services and offers. An interactive map allows visitors to view and have information on places of interest nearby.

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La Petite Ferme Gite - Gites to rent, France

La Petite Ferme Gite - Dampierre-sur-Boutonne, 17

A French rural theme to present the 3 gites this British couple rents out in France, with a photo gallery and events section that our client can update thanks to the CMS. A booking and availability function make it easy for potential clients to see if a gite is available on a given week. The site is bilingual for potential French clients.

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Gîtes de St-Christophe - Gites to rent, Dordogne, France

Gîtes de St-Christophe - Dordogne, 24

This site was created on a small budget but still has all the basic features a site for a holiday accomodation rental should have, a photo gallery to show the gîtes, activities nearby, availability calendar, and online booking. The site is bilingual (soon to be in 3 languages), and a CMS allows our clients to update the site themselves. A responsive design means that the site is adapted for all mobile devices as well.

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Périgord Gîtes - Directory for Holiday Rental Accomodation, Dordogne, France

Périgord Gîtes - Dordogne, 24

A redesign of this directory site for holiday rentals in the Dordogne, France, to make it responsive, add an availability calendar and a few functionalities, added security, and make it more user friendly. Our client's budget being limited, the addition of online payments and a redesign of the visual design were not possible, so we reused the design of the existing site, adapting it for mobiles and modernising it a little bit, within the scope of the budget.

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DevonRoam MotorHome Hire - Campervan Rental, Devon, UK

DevonRoam MotorHome Hire - Devon, UK

A very simple site for this client with a small budget, to present their motorhome for hire, with photos of the different parts of the interior, to show potential clients the comfort of the motorhome.
A bespoke design with the green colours to represent Devon and the outdoors and give make the visitor want to go for a drive through south-west England.

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Blue Sea Apartment Menorca - Apartment to Rent, Menorca, Spain

Blue Sea Apartment Menorca - Apartment to Rent, Menorca, Spain

A design with a summery holiday feel was required for this site for a holiday rental apartment in Menorca, Spain. A different slide show banner on each page aims to show the best of this apartment and the location, to attract new potential clients. A reservation calendar allows our client to update the availability of the apartment.

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River Dance Lodge - Lodge to rent, Idaho ID, USA

River Dance Lodge - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho ID

An outdoor theme for this holiday resort in Idaho, which our client rents out as part of a variety of outdoor activity holiday packages. A presentation of the resort and of all the available packages was needed, as well as a booking system that would also enable potential clients to check for availability. A full CMS allows our client to add trips and update all aspects of the website themselves.

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Paradise Flycatcher Hotel - Bungalow to rent, Seychelles

Paradise Flycatcher Hotel - La Digue, Seychelles

We created this site many years ago, when Flash animation was popular (before tablets and smartphones). We used a full flash interface for this holiday resort and produced a site visually rich with colourful images to compliment one of the most beautiful places on Earth: La Digue in the Seychelles.
Needs to be visualized on a desktop computer or laptop to view the Flash animation.

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MillFarm Stay - B&B, Devon, UK

MillFarm B&B Website, Kenton, Exeter, Devon

A very simple site for this B&B near Exeter with a small budget, which presents the 5 rooms available, with all their facilities and policies, as well as advice on good places to eat nearby and places to visit whilst in the area. A responsive design allows the site to be mobile friendly.

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Elmo T - Yacht to rent, France

Elmo T - French Riviera

We were commissioned to create a website for this private luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean, with a photo gallery to show the luxurious interior, with an area for bookings, and a CMS, which enables the client to update content and add photos.
Sadly the owner has sold the yacht so no longer has any need for the website, but we have kept it on our portfolio.

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Oakvale - House for Rent, Devon, UK

Oakvale Website, Newton Ferrers, Devon

A great location for a holiday in the heart of the Devon countryside. This is reflected in the imagery we used for this site and the pages we designed. An updatable calendar shows the visitors which weeks are already booked and which are available.
The owner has now sold the house and no longer needed the website, but we have kept it on our portfolio.

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P&P Property - Properties to buy and rent, Pyrénées, France

P&P Property - Pyrénées Orientales, 66

A simple website with a French theme and feel, to illustrate the subject matter, and to lure possible clients to buy or rent a property in this part of France, the Pyrénées Orientales.
Sadly our client no longer has any need for the website, but we have kept it on our portfolio.

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The Yacht Department - Yacht to rent, Devon

The Yacht Department Website, Plymouth, Devon

This was a great site to make. Our client provided us with some fantastic images of their beautiful Swan44 Racing Yacht together with video footage. The colour scheme and visuals were based around the company's branding and the star of the show is the yacht itself.
Sadly the owner has sold the yacht so no longer has any need for the website, but we have kept it on our portfolio.

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