Converting a slow WordPress template website to a completely rebuilt fast and powerful Drupal 8 website was what this site needed to perform and rank better in Google.

Responsive website

A faster more powerful website

The original site was a sluggish WordPress site overloaded with unnecessary code and poorly optimised. A common factor in WordPress sites.

Speed is a ranking factor and so this site had to be upgraded to perform better so we did a Drupal 8 conversion which has enabled it to rank far higher in search engines as well as provide a better browsing experience.

Google ranking

Conversion & Better Google Ranking

With our dedicated hosting and support we've managed to make a big improvement putting the website at the very top of Google. Conversion has also improved and is still continuing to grow.

Dog Daycare Website

Vast Improvement on Mobile

The website was painfully slow on mobile with many leaving the website before loading was over. Some pages took over 10 seconds to load and on mobile this eats data.

The conversion to Drupal 8 provided better compression and optimisation. The code was also rewritten reducing code bloat by up to 80%. The result is a nimble site and one that has greater flexibility in the future.